she put up a video of her telling miyah that she thinks she’s very pretty without the wig too and that playing dress up if fun but to promise to stay in school

Love this!

Stories you won’t see in the media

#nicki is so protective of young girls#this needs to be underlined more#also she gives them edited versions of her albums#magical girls protect other girls#bless nicki

OC’s parents bein young because I actually gave my oc oc parents with their own story and accidentally made myself sad

i can’t fucking believe Cynthia and Severa are my fea otp how did this happen


覚醒落書き4 by へたのヨコスキー 

*Permission was granted from the artist*

Your tweets were mildly concerning

this wasn’t even all of it I didn’t even say anything about the ani/digimorphing golden Raven bust

Raven was such a BOMB digidestined

are you okay

Yeah omg I’m fine I jus thad


I actually woke up laughing i can’t believe this

sometimes I sit here in disbelief of how ridiculously gay Ruby and Weiss are


Cucumber Quest's third main chapter has begun! It felt really nice to work on one of these title pages again after so long. A lot of love and a few sleepless nights have gone into this chapter, so I hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds.

To everyone who’s been reading up to this point, thank you so much!